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How safe are painkillers?

24 June 2020|

French regulator ANSM recently tightened rules on the sale of pain relief drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin, moving them behind the counter. Pharma Technology Focus explores whether these common medications are more dangerous than we think.

23Jun 2020

HS2: what questions remain to be answered?

After years of political wrangling and campaigning, the UK’s HS2 project has finally received government approval. Future Rail digs into the questions that remain about the project. 

22Jun 2020

Robots pick up the slack in industry

The coronavirus has caused a host of staffing issues, while accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies. Verdict Magazine looks at some of the working robots that are helping to pick up the slack, from Ocado’s grocery robots to US ‘robocops’.

16Jun 2020

Virtual cruises: how cruise operators are navigating the pandemic

The coronavirus has left cruise liners stranded at port, but operators are working hard to keep in touch with their customers. From virtual cruises to new booking policies, Future Cruise finds out how cruise operators are keeping their customer base engaged.

15Jun 2020

Rented future: the dangerous rise of life as a service

In March Verdict editor Lucy Ingham gave a talk at the Free Software Foundation’s LibrePlanet 2020 conference exploring the dangers of subscription services spreading into all areas of life. You can watch the video in the latest issue of Verdict Magazine.