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Renault and the circular economy

29 July 2020|

Groupe Renault and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have renewed their commitment to the circular economy. Just Auto finds out what that means for the car manufacturer.

Fast fashion faces a shake-up in post-pandemic world

24 July 2020|

The Covid-19 pandemic may herald the end of the current high production, fast fashion model and result in fewer, smaller collections from more sustainable supply chains. Just Style explores what’s ahead.

20Jul 2020

Transform or lose

Thanks to the coronavirus, industry 4.0’s birth is more painful, brutal and quick than we could have ever expected. As a recession looms, Verdict Magazine explores why adoption could be vital to companies’ survival.

17Jul 2020

Review, recover and reinvent your business

As we gradually come out of Covid-19 lockdown, businesses will need to pivot and adjust for a new world that is recovering from this global disruption. Brite Innovation Review has advice for business making the transition to the ‘new normal’.

15Jul 2020

Air passengers walk on the wild side

Forests, birdsong and even a glimpse of the aurora borealis are part of a project to soothe passenger nerves at Helsinki Airport. AIR finds out how airports are turning to nature to relieve travel stress.

14Jul 2020

Robots gear up to serve lunch

As the uptake of robots in the quick service restaurant sector gains momentum, Just Food chats to Karakuri about the future of robotics and AI in foodservice.