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Countering chemical attacks: a look inside the UK’s military response training

04 May 2018|

As events from Syria to Salisbury have once again put the spotlight on the threat posed by chemical and biological attacks, we take a look at the Dstl’s work in countering CBRN treats and its work with the military to train for responses in the case of an attack. Read more in the latest issue of Global Defence Technology.

Energy Scavenging: Crossrail leads the way

04 May 2018|

Moya Power has launched a pilot project with the UK’s Crossrail to use piezoelectric textiles to harvest waste energy from movement, in this case trains. As urbanisation is rising, will scavenging technologies such as this become commonplace? Molly Lempriere finds out in the latest issue of Future Power Technology

AI Takes Flight: How Artificial Intelligence is Driving the Travel Industry’s Online Boom

26 April 2018|

How can you meet search request growth at a rate matched only by Moore’s Law, whilst reducing costs year on year? That’s the challenge facing the travel industry, and AI is driving the solution. In the latest issue of Verdict AI Lucy Ingham speaks to Mike Croucher, chief architect of Travelport, to find out more

21Mar 2018

The Emerging Cyber Bloc Party: Cyber Balkanisation Rears its Head

Are we seeing the emergence of cyber balkanisation? SecureData chief security strategy officer Charl van der Walt thinks so. We’re heading for cyber balkanisation levels not seen since the Cold War, he tells Elliot Gardner in the latest issue of Verdict Encrypt. But what are the implications for enterprise security and international relations?

21Mar 2018

Is the US Military Machine Losing its Innovation Edge to China?

America has far outstripped its rivals when it comes to defence innovation, but there are signs that this seems to be slowing and could possibly be in danger of stalling altogether, a situation that could open the door to China taking the lead. Read more in the current issue of Global Defence Technology.

21Mar 2018

An Insight into Innovation Culture from Thales UK

A capacity for innovation stems from an organisation’s working culture, not its business processes. Thales UK offers an insight into its own innovation culture, and shares advice on how companies can create a working environment that encourages employees to develop ground-breaking ideas.

16Feb 2018

Redefining Urban Energy

With urban hubs defining the future, forward-thinking ‘smart cities’ are looking to redefine their energy mix and distribution systems. Chris Lo explores emerging smart energy concepts making for the cleaner cities of tomorrow in the current issue of Future Power Technology.