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Robots pick up the slack in industry

22 June 2020|

The coronavirus has caused a host of staffing issues, while accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies. Verdict Magazine looks at some of the working robots that are helping to pick up the slack, from Ocado’s grocery robots to US ‘robocops’.

9Jun 2020

Making high-speed rail travel safer

Accidents on high-speed railways are rare, but if they happen the damage can be devastating. Future Rail explores what can be done to improve safety on high-speed rail routes.

8Jun 2020

Remote working: the future normal?

The surge in remote working has prompted a rapid adjustment in the way people work, but it is also transforming the future of work for good. Verdict Magazine editor Lucy Ingham explores how remote working is here to stay & what it means for employers and employees.

29May 2020

How the coronavirus is accelerating industry 4.0

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, industry 4.0’s birth is more painful, brutal and quicker than we could have ever expected. As a recession looms, Verdict Magazine asks the experts why adoption could be vital to companies’ survival.

27May 2020

A new vintage: re-thinking the wine bottle

Fragile and inefficient to transport, wine bottles have seen little evolution – but new ideas are emerging now. Inside Packaging speaks to Garçon Wines about its clever flat, recycled plastic wine bottle.