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Is entrepreneurship a growing trend in Europe?

19 June 2018|

Entrepreneurship continues to gain popularity, particularly among the millennial generation, where a flexible work-life balance and the promise of being your own boss offers a compelling work proposition. But where does this booming start-up culture sit in the wider economic future? We get an insight into the state of entrepreneurship in Europe from the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange in the latest issue of Brite Innovation Review.

Heart of the matter: future architects need to refocus around buildings’ humanity

12 June 2018|

A new series of articles from engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon explores what members of the industry imagine the buildings of the future to look like and how they will be created. In the new issue of Design & Build Review Callum Tyndall examines how the latest instalment shows the need to refocus around the people that will actually use the buildings

Behind the mask: the challenge of attributing cyberattacks to nation states

21 May 2018|

When a major cyberattack hits, the question of who is responsible quickly arises, but accurately attributing an attack to a specific nation state is exceptionally challenging. And, as Lucy Ingham finds out from Cybereason CISO Israel Barak in the spring issue of Verdict Encrypt, the implications are significant.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres on the positive potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

15 May 2018|

Technology and globalisation have collectively transformed our lives, but they have also contributed to what António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, describes as ‘probably the biggest threat to our planet today’. Verdict Emerge reports from Web Summit, where he outlined his vision for how future innovation can be a force for good – and what needs to happen for that vision to become a reality

7May 2018

There’s no such thing as a free ride

Experiments have shown that waiving fares on public transport encourages ridership and lowers traffic pollution. Some believe this could even work on a permanent basis. In the latest Future Rail, Eva Grey asks does free transport makes sense?

4May 2018

Countering chemical attacks: a look inside the UK’s military response training

As events from Syria to Salisbury have once again put the spotlight on the threat posed by chemical and biological attacks, we take a look at the Dstl’s work in countering CBRN treats and its work with the military to train for responses in the case of an attack. Read more in the latest issue of Global Defence Technology.

4May 2018

Energy Scavenging: Crossrail leads the way

Moya Power has launched a pilot project with the UK’s Crossrail to use piezoelectric textiles to harvest waste energy from movement, in this case trains. As urbanisation is rising, will scavenging technologies such as this become commonplace? Molly Lempriere finds out in the latest issue of Future Power Technology

26Apr 2018

AI Takes Flight: How Artificial Intelligence is Driving the Travel Industry’s Online Boom

How can you meet search request growth at a rate matched only by Moore’s Law, whilst reducing costs year on year? That’s the challenge facing the travel industry, and AI is driving the solution. In the latest issue of Verdict AI Lucy Ingham speaks to Mike Croucher, chief architect of Travelport, to find out more

21Mar 2018

The Emerging Cyber Bloc Party: Cyber Balkanisation Rears its Head

Are we seeing the emergence of cyber balkanisation? SecureData chief security strategy officer Charl van der Walt thinks so. We’re heading for cyber balkanisation levels not seen since the Cold War, he tells Elliot Gardner in the latest issue of Verdict Encrypt. But what are the implications for enterprise security and international relations?