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Ørsted’s clean energy transition: the first year

17 August 2018|

DONG Energy abandoned the oil and gas market in 2017, refocusing on becoming a prime player in the burgeoning global wind turbine market under its new name Ørsted. Nearly a year on from the company’s big pivot, Chris Lo finds out how Ørsted is adjusting to the shift, and what it has taken to re-organise its operations and start exploring new green energy-centric investments.

Creating an urban icon: WilkinsonEyre’s new skyscraper ‘sculpture’ for Sydney

16 August 2018|

Set for completion in 2021, mixed-use skyscraper development One Barangaroo is set to add a unique sculptural form to the skyline of Australia’s Sydney Harbour. Lucy Ingham speaks to Chris Wilkinson, founder of WilkinsonEyre and the acclaimed British architect behind the project, about its design, the supporting technology and the changing nature of urban architecture.

16Aug 2018

How do you protect a country’s infrastructure from cyber attacks?

With the cyber domain playing host to increased hostilities, being ready for cyberattacks has rarely been more crucial – especially on a national level, where attacks on infrastructure could bring an entire country down. Andrew Tunnicliffe finds out how NATO’s Locked Shields exercise is staging a cyberattack on a fictional country to help cyber defence specialists prepare for threats to critical infrastructure.

15Aug 2018

The winning and losing industries in the AI revolution

According to research by PwC, AI won’t be the job-destroyer is often characterised as. By 2037, for every job lost in one industry, another will be created elsewhere. However, this will result in dramatic shifts between industries, forcing many workers to re-train. Verdict AI magazine looks at the industries set to see the biggest gains and losses in the development of AI.

10Aug 2018

Dealing with disaster: the aftermath of the Minas Gerais dam collapse

The 2015 dam collapse at Samarco iron ore mine in Brazil killed 19 people and devastated the Doce River Valley. Could the companies involved have done more at the time? And three years on, what has been done to remediate the valley? Chris Lo investigates the efforts that have been made to reach a settlement and clean up the environmental damage.

9Aug 2018

The $1bn project digging up soil to find new medicines

Genentech has signed a $1bn collaboration deal with Lodo Therapeutics to develop unique, natural products from the microbial DNA found in soil. With this level of investment confidence must be high, but just how much potential lies in soil, and how can it be harnessed? Sally Turner finds out in the new issue of Pharma Technology Focus.


7Aug 2018

Don’t look down: the world’s most dangerous railway journeys

From Argentina’s vertigo-inducing Train to the Clouds to Thailand’s Death Railway, via crime-plagued commuter lines in Cape Town and tropical forest climbs in Australia, there’s a surprising number of railways where the faint of heart better not get on board. Adele Berti takes a look at some of the most adventurous rail journeys around the world.