MINE Australia Issue 7, March 2015

Issue 7 | March 2015

In this issue: How South Australia is trying to support its struggling junior explorers, Rio Tinto’s plan for the next five year so the Mine of the Future project, how Western Australia’s Mining Rehabilitation Fund is doing in its third year and more.

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MINE Australia Issue 6, January 2015

Issue 6 | January 2015

In this issue: Reviving the mining sector in Victoria, Australia’s involvement in the creation of ISO automation safety standards, Rio Tinto’s new 3D mapping tool, predicting material collapse, Tony Abbott’s controversial support for coal, and more.

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MINE Australia Issue 5, November 2014

Issue 5 | November 2014

In this issue: Exploring the huge resource potential of the Northern Territory, Sandfire Resources’ investment strategy at home and abroad, boosting efficiency in mining operations, the controversy surrounding the Carmichael project, and more.

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MINE Australia Issue 4, September 2014

Issue 4 | September 2014

In this issue: Business in Queensland, a cheaper and greener wastewater treatment, assessing the impact of mining on delicate ecosystems, difficult times in the mining equipment sector, insights into the current jobs market and more.

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MINE Australia Issue 3, July 2014

Issue 3 | July 2014

In this issue: New South Wales needs investment, Lamboo Resources moves into flake graphite at the right time, BHP Billiton changes its focus and more.

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MINE Australia Issue 2, May 2014

Issue 2 | May 2014

In this issue: The environmental controversy surrounding the Abbot Point expansion, Iluka Resources' investment in Metalysis' game-changing metal processing technology, the challenges of fighting coal seam fires, insights from AMMA and more.

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MINE Australia Issue 1, March 2014

Issue 1 | March 2014

In this issue: The success of the equipment, technology and services sector, a promising forecast for commodities exports, employer-led diversity initiatives, the economic and environmental impact of Waratah Coal's Galilee coal project in Queensland and more.

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